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Katy has brought her 5k PB down by 10 minutes (from 34 to 24mins) through various running plans to suit her workload. Since then she has gone on to complete a half marathon in an amazing time of 1.59.34!

"Spend 30mins with Ben, and his infectious passion for fitness will have you itching to get going and see just what you are capable of. I met Ben 2 years ago, his enthusiasm for helping people, wherever they were at, to get fitter and to achieve previously unthinkable goals, was truly inspiring. Ben has pushed, encouraged  and supported me via online training plans and face to face sessions, over the past months, helping me to run faster and farther than I would have believed possible. I would recommend Ben to anyone who is looking to challenge themselves and be inspired to take on, and achieve, new goals."

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Andrew is a dedicated runner, we began training together two years ago. His marathon PB now stands at an impressive 2hr 44 minutes, something he hopes to beat alongside me this year in London, his 6th major marathon!

"Ben’s a brilliant guy with boundless energy, drive and motivation. I’ve been training with him for a couple of years and the work we’ve done in addition to my normal training has improved my times across multiple distances."



Mimi has the aim of becoming a full time professional triathlete. Working on strength and conditioning, running and endurance cycling sessions she has been working towards her goal. Last year Mimi came 1st in the IRONMAN Slovenia 70.3, for her age group, a mammoth achievement.

"No matter how ambitious your goal may be, Ben is always prepared to do everything he can to help, and will always go out of his way to accommodate his clients - even 2 hour bike sessions at 5am before I go off to work! Ben brings together his passions for both fun and fitness in the perfect combination to create a training environment in which you feel able to push yourself whilst also loving every minute, and leaving with a great sense of achievement and self-worth.

Ben radiates a relentless sense of belief in both himself and you as his client, that anything is possible so long as you are prepared to put in the work - it is truly empowering to the point where I struggle to see how anyone could not become the optimal version of themselves under his guidance.

Whatever your goal may be - even if you do not have a set goal - I cannot recommend Ben enough."



Josh is well known for pushing his boundaries. When we first met his longest run was just 12k but within six weeks we had built that up to a full marathon. Joshs bespoke running plans mitigated injury risk by carefully balancing strength, endurance and recovery. Josh pushed himself through two monstrous challenges during the lockdown of 2020 - 6 marathons in 5 days before 2 weeks later running 105 miles in 24 hours, all within his garden patio. Watch out on social media for more to come here...

"Over the last six weeks Ben has been a huge force in driving me to reach bench marks I have set for myself for my next up and coming challenge. He has elevated my ability in a sport I have newly adopted. I have exceeded all expectations with his support and can’t thank him enough. If I’m capable of achieving the distances we’ve already achieved in just six week, just imagine where we will be in 3 months time!"



Kate began training with me as a novice runner, never running further than a 5k. Her training plan has focussed on gradual improvements tackling 5k and 10k runs and setting new PBs. Kate was inspired to keep pushing her boundaries, running an incredible 100 miles for charity in December 2019.

"As a complete beginner, Ben has helped me structure my running, overcome injuries and work towards more ambitious goals. After just 3 months of running, I signed up to a challenge to run 100miles in the month of December - I knew this was ambitious and I had no idea how to start. Ben came up with an easy and comprehensible running plan, which fitted my ability and work/social commitments perfectly. It kept me on track, broke down the challenge and made it much more manageable - I definitely would not have made it to 100 miles without it!
I’ve also come across various injuries as a beginner. Ben has helped send me tailored stretching videos and advice to not only help me overcome them more quickly, but also prevent them reoccurring. 
Ben’s support and training has made me so much more motivated to aim for more ambitious goals than I ever thought I’d be capable of. Soon I'll be completing my first half marathon, and aiming to knock minutes off both my 5k and 10k time.
Whatever your ability, whether you’re a complete newbie, or you’re a pro athlete; Ben will be the best trainer you will find. He is dedicated, so motivating and knows what is best for every person.  Ben’s training style is flexible; structuring training to suit your goals, ability and schedule. Ben really cares about every person he works with, I can guarantee you’ll not only have a laugh training with Ben, but he will strive to help you achieve your best."



Izzy is at the start of her fitness journey. At age 17 she began training with me with the goal of becoming a future triathlete. 6 months later she had completed her first half marathon and duathlon, clocking in as the fastest for her age group. At 18 she is now working towards completing her first IRONMAN 70.3.
Izzy's half marathon PB now stands at an impressive 1hr 38 minutes.

"Ben began training me for 5k park runs, trying to get my time down from around 30 minutes. 18 months later I am comfortably running 5k in 22 minutes all down to his training plans that fit around me. In that time I've also completed my debut half marathon, with Ben by my side, in 1hr 53 and become a duathlete. He is currently working with me to achieve my first half Ironman through gym, pool and road workouts. Ben has truly inspired me to go faster, further and better than I ever could have imagined, thank you for all the help so far."



Sam began his fitness journey with the aim of becoming stronger and more confident from personal training gym sessions. He built up his core strength and fitness, often achieving new PB's and feeling happier as a result. Since then his training has evolved to include running and cycling with Sam completing his first half marathon last year.

"As a teenager I was always very skinny and wanted to improve my physique in order to give myself more body confidence. Even at the age of 17 Ben was able to help me in achieving this through workout routines and diet plans. For several years I stuck with this and made great strides in my goal of a more muscular body frame. Having followed Ben's journey he has transitioned into such a well rounded fitness instructor, with an infectious passion for running. In 2019 he helped me in turn adjust my outlook on fitness to incorporate a cardiovascular focus and I have subsequently been able to shred 3 minutes of my 5k time and completed my first ever half marathon event. Ben has been a huge help in all that I've achieved in fitness and there is no one id rather have by my side pushing me on."



Jake has built up from being a competent runner to a triathlete. After initially taking his running 5k down to 18 minutes we worked at improving his swimming and cycling technique and endurance. This enabled him to complete long distance cycling PB's and a half ironman triathlon. Jake's Goal of 2020 was to complete the full distance Ironman in Cork, when this was canceled Jake completed the distance with Ben by his side at the very impressive age of 20!

"I started training with Ben as a runner. He expanded my horizons and helped me train for and complete my longest bike ride of 212km. Together, he also inspired me to do my first ever triathlon, starting at a sprint distance, then Olympic distance, half Ironman and a year later the full length Ironman! Importantly, Ben has massively increased my running speeds shaving over a minute off my 5k and bringing my half marathon down to a time of 1.27.58! We did all of this together in just 3 months."



Sophia approached me as a confident gym goer with the view to explore new areas of fitness. We have worked on a focused approach to include running, swimming, cycling and the gym in a bespoke training programme. She has already achieved huge amounts in various multidiscipline events and, with many more planned, I am confident there will be some significant PB's!

"When I started training with Ben I was at a bit of a loss of what I wanted to achieve in fitness. I had been doing Crossfit for a number of years but was reaching a point where I wanted something else, specifically in longer endurance sports out in the open air! The last time I attempted a half marathon, I didn’t really understand how to train properly and over-reached on the day, as a result, I pretty much gave up running for a couple of years after the event. At our first session, Ben sat me down and listened to what my objectives are, and together we worked out a sustainable pathway to reach the goal. In the two months since starting training with him, I have noticed how my stamina, and more excitingly, my speed have improved. I am mixing up running, swimming, cycling and gym work so I am always giving specific part of my body a rest to avoid injury while also keeping up with the training. Ben is always full of enthusiasm and encouragement. With his help, I aim to improve on my half-marathon and duathlon time, attempt a full marathon, and who knows, maybe attempting a triathlon next year. I would whole-heartedly recommend training with him."



"Ben is a great source of inspiration and motivates me to fight for results I never thought I would have a chance to achieve. Ben is very committed to my training and my results - each new week I get a new interesting training schedule making it much easier to achieve better results. 7 weeks ago I ran 10 km in 60 minutes, today I’m a few seconds from running 10 km in 50 minutes. 
I feel fortunate to have had the chance to get to know Ben and even more fortunate to have Ben as my running coach. I could never have done this on my own."


"I have had a number of personal trainers over the years, but Ben is the best PT I have ever had. He had a versatile and thoughtful approach to training and deftly accommodated my previous injuries into the training schedule. He is extremely knowledgeable, very motivating and exhibited excellent leadership qualities. In over 40 years, I have never been able to touch my toes until I met Ben."


"I've been running sporadically for the past 4 years, but since meeting Ben my training has become more focussed and efficient. He provides me with regular online training plans backed up by PT and face to face sessions. His passion for sport and patience with me has helped improve my fitness beyond anything I could have imagined. He has inspired me to train for a half marathon later on this year. He is, by far, the best coach you will ever have"


Whatever your story and whatever your ability I can help you be better than yesterday.

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